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How Do I Add Ringtones To My iPhone Or Android Phone?
iPhone Ringtone Installation:

To install ringtones on your iPhone, you will need to have a PC or Mac with iTunes installed.  You will need to authorize iTunes to recognize your iPhone as a "Trusted Device" for this to work.  Here are the steps to add Gurumin Ringtones to your iPhone.
  • Launch iTunes, and connect your phone to your computer. In iTunes, from the File menu, select "Add to Library…"
  • Locate your ringtone file. Find your ringtone file where you saved it. Select it, and click the Open button. The file will be added to your iTunes folder. Select your iPhone.
  • In the iTunes toolbar, click on the icon for your iPhone. This will enable you to sync your iPhone, adding your ringtone to the list of available choices.
  • Set up Tones. Click on the Tones button on the toolbar. This will let you set up your sync options for ringtones. Enable "Sync Tones" at the top of page by clicking the checkbox. At the same time, select "All tones" if you have multiple tones to add to the phone, or "Selected tones" if you just want to add specific tones. If you choose "Selected tones," you will see a list of your custom ringtones in the Tones field. Click to enable the tones you want to transfer to your phone. •When all is enabled, click the Sync button. Your tones will be transferred.
  • Set up your iPhone\'s ringtones. Using the steps outlined above, choose your default ringtone and/or custom ringtones as desired.

Android Ringtone Installation:

To install ringtones on your Android Phone, you will need to use a PC or Mac to access your phone\'s file system.  Here are the steps to add Gurumin Ringtones to your Android Phone:
  • Connect your device\'s memory to your computer. This can be done via USB, or using a microSD adapter to connect your microSD card to your computer. •If you connect your device via USB, you will need to mount your phone in order for the connection to work. To do this, open the notifications on your phone, touch the notification stating that your phone is connected. Choose the option to mount your device.
  • Drag and drop the ringtone file from your computer to the Ringtones folder on your device. Disconnect your device from your computer.
  • Go to Sound Settings on your phone. When on your home screen, press the menu/navigation hard key, and select Settings. From there, select Sound, and the menu titled Phone ringtone. Scroll through the list of ringtones until you find the one you want to use. If you don\'t see the ringtone you just added, turn off the phone first and it should appear when you turn it on since Android\'s service looks out for new files when the phone boots.

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan on Steam - Why does the Windows cursor appear instead of the in-game cursor?

In Windows 8, if you lock the computer (using the Windows Key+L) while the game is running, then unlock the computer to continue the game, the Windows cursor will appear in the game instead of the in-game cursor.  

To fix this while the game is running, press Alt+Tab to switch to another application, then press Alt+Tab to return to the game.  This will bring back the in-game cursor.  It is also possible to get the in-game cursor to return by quitting and re-starting the game.

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear and Afghanistan on PC - I cannot get past the login screen at the beginning of the game

If you are trying to play a single player game, please verify that you do not have any USB game controllers, joysticks, or steering wheels attached to your system.  This should prevent the player-2 login screen from appearing.   You can only use mouse and keyboard for a single player game. 

Various PC Games - I installed the game, but it will not start on my PC.

Please check to be sure that your machine meets the min specs for the game.  Many times, the video card, or video chipset on user’s machines are below the min spec for the game.

This could also be a DirectX issue. Please follow this link to update DirectX. 

If this does not solve your issue, please send your DxDiag file to, along with your question. Please do not forget to tell us which game you are trying to play, and what you see on the screen, including any error messages that may appear.

Here are the steps to get your DxDiag:

  • Press your Windows "Start" button normally found at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  • Select the "Run" option in the menu.
  • Type in "dxdiag" in the box and press "OK"
  • Wait for the small green bar at the bottom-center of the window to fill.  Once the green bar is full, select the "Save All Information" as a text (.txt) file.
  • Send us that text file.

Various PC Games - How do I play at a good speed on a very low spec machine?

On the "Options menu, turn all of the video options down to the lowest possible value:

  • Resolution: 640X480
  • Texture Filtering: Bilinear
  • Texture Detail: Low
  • Shadow Detail: Off
  • Depth Of Field: Off

If this makes the game playable, start turning up the options, one at a time until you find a setting that starts to make the game slow down again.

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