Mastiff is a publisher of fun, easy-to-pick-up-and-play games on all platforms including those from Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., Microsoft, PC, and online gaming. Founded in 2002, Mastiff is proud to have released games in virtually every genre including action, adventure, fighting, RPG, FPS, casual, and music.

Meet The Team


Bill Swartz


Bill’s 35-year adventure in the video game business includes serving as a producer with Koei in Yokohama and then launching Koei America, serving as a senior VP at Activision, leading Activision Japan, and founding Mastiff. Nothing makes him happier than captivating and delighting players.



Mika Hayashi


Mika manages game development and Mastiff’s Japan office. Her motto: Always Forward. Always smile. She resides in Tokyo with her husband and their long-haired dog. She enjoys walking with dogs, skiing, playing wadaiko (Japanese drum), eating, and working at Mastiff! Recently, Mika started playing piano. And while she’s still leaning, she states that “it’s a great feeling when I hit a few right notes.” 😉




If Mastiff was an RPG, Brian would both shopkeeper and part-time wizard. Brian handles Mastiff’s finances, accounting, and administrative matters. When he’s not crunching and slaying numbers, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three kids. He’s also quite the sports buff, with interests in college football and Premier League soccer. His favorite team is Chelsea. Watch out all you Manchester and Liverpool fans!



David Bruno

Marketing / PR

A fan of gory and campy horror flicks, fast cars, and 80s pop culture, David has been trained by the best in the mystical arts of PR and marketing. With more than 16 years of gaming industry experience under his hat, a sharp eye for detail, and an unparalleled zest for writing and creative design, David leads Mastiff’s Marketing and Public Relations.




Born and raised in the Noto Peninsula, facing the beautiful Sea of Japan, Yasuo is a nature loving Japanese “ojisan” (an old guy). When he’s unable to revisit the beautiful beaches of his hometown, he enjoys singing bossa nova and playing the guitar. This multi-talented ojisan has been in the game industry for 35 years and has even composed music for a few games too.



Michael Jones

Marketing Asst.

An avid collector and connoisseur of comics, shonen anime, and video games (particularly RPGs), Michael has his finger firmly placed on the pulse of the gaming community with active engagement and provides support to our PR and Marketing team.


Jasmine Y.


It’s a secret to everybody.

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