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Launching September 28th!

Inspired by Indonesian philosophy and folk art, Faerie Afterlight is a beautifully stylized 2D Metroidvania game filled with an abundance of heart, courage, camaraderie, and a delightful soundtrack complimentary to the game’s lush world. 

Simultaneously control Kimo and Wispy as this unlikely but (literally) inseparable duo explores Lumina’s infested caverns, deep seas, and ghostly cities to reclaim the scattered, broken shards of Light. Along the way, the pair will solve puzzles, befriend locals, engage and enchant enemies, and face off against fierce Titans to gain powerful new abilities that will grant greater access to Lumina!

Key Features

Manipulate Your Environment

Use Wispy’s ability to move walls, platforms, and dead ends while Kimo bounces off each surface.

Friend or Foe?

Some – but not all – enemies can be befriended.

Myriad Terrains

Hidden doors, secret nooks, and covered passages abound. Unlock every inch of this vast world’s forests, cerulean seas, and graceful ruins.

Grow Stronger

Overcome corrupted Titans to gain powerful new abilities and be granted access to new areas of Lumina. Cling to walls with Spider's Legs, dash with the Beetle's Horn, and more!


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