Publish with Mastiff

We’re actively seeking compelling, creative games to publish.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting (sales, marketing, financing, operations) so you can focus on making your game.

We are open to many different deal structures, including development funding.

See below for details on submitting your pitch.

Let’s do something incredible together!

Mastiff’s DNA is as much developer as it is publisher. We understand the hard work developers put into their games, and we treat each game with the same care and passion as if we developed it ourselves.

As publisher, here are some of things we do for our partners


We offer marketing guarantees and run marketing campaigns unique to each game.  Some of our tools

An experienced PR team constantly pitching fresh content and stories to the press, so our games are always in the public eye.
Paid advertising and placement with original creative and copy, produced in close partnership with the developer.
Relationships with hundreds of influencers and these numbers grow every new product launch.
Fans constantly engaged on social media with updates, contests, exclusive asset drops, and much more. 
An office in Tokyo that lets us speak as directly to Japanese fans, media, influencers and retails as we do in the US and Europe

Point of SALE

We sell physical versions of our games been in just about every major store in the US, Japan, and Europe. 

We’ve offered digitally downloadable games since 2006 and are proud to offer downloadable games for every major system. 

Physical or digital, getting the game on the store is just the first step. Our special sauce is in the marketing that pulls the products out of the store and onto the consumer’s system.


We’ve worked closely with all three major hardware makers (first party) for many, many years and know the drill when it comes to…

• Testing and submission for smooth and speedy approvals
• Working with the hardware makers for marketing support 
• Manufacture, shipping, and printed parts,
• And hundreds of other items


Our highly-skilled creative team constantly delivers the freshest content that warrants attention and wins praise. Some of the services we provide:

• Video creation and editing
• Website creation
• Animated and static ads 
• Concept and highly-detailed game key art
• Game coversheets and manuals
• And more!

You name it, we can create it.

Everything else

Publishing a title is a ton of work!
Let us handle all of this and more:

• Rating submissions and approvals (ESRB, PEGI, CERO, etc.)
• Providing user support
• Manufacture, pick, pack, ship, invoice, collection (physical goods)

Submitting Your Pitch

Please send your pitch to

Please include the following:

  • A playable demo/prototype. Keys are, of course, welcome.
  • A document with, at the very least, overview of gameplay, schedule, target hardware, and info on the team. Bonus points for a competitive analysis and business case.
  • A trailer or raw video highlighting gameplay.
  • Anything else you feel would be useful for us to understand the game and your creative vision.

Any information you share with us will be treated as confidential.

We cannot promise a publishing deal and your submission does not create a contractual relationship. However, we do promise to look at anything you submit, and if you have a great game we’ll work with you to make it an incredible success!