“Let’s start a Journey! To our tomorrow!”

RUINSMAGUS is an action JRPG developed especially for VR. Explore and master the magical arts in first-person through an immersive fantasy world. As a member of the RUINSMAGUS guild, work with the Enigma Research Institute to uncover the mysteries hidden beneath the gilded streets of Grand Amnis.


Take on the role of a novice in the magical arts who is sent to investigate the abandoned ruins below the prosperous town of Grand Amnis. Faced with a daunting challenge, you must answer the question that haunts each and every one of your fellow citizens: What mysteries lurk beneath the gilded streets and corners of Grand Amnis?


  • Jack In: Immersive VR mechanics that bring your character to life.
  • Make your Mark: More than 25 story-driven quests to challenge your skills.



  • Feel the Power: Unleash 14 spell varieties from the palm of your hand.
  • Defend Yourself: Raise your shield with your non-casting hand to block enemy attacks.



  • Explore and Fight: Cast and blink your way through a stunning VR fantasy world.
  • Load Up: Equip armor, gauntlets, and shields to stack the odds in your favor!
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Journey Into RUINSMAGUS!

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